"Nursery stock Agency"


Our services are available to whomever desires to start up an external plant nursery business, or begin your own production in Italy, taking advantage of our specialized manufacturers. We are able to offer our consultancy for your design, technical and contractual needs and also for the planning and selection of the best producers depending on whatever tipology you may choose. All targeted to optomize your requirements and render your purchases superior and more economic.


Our association organizes your visit to Pistoia, Italy and in Europe by booking your hotel and scheduling an itinerary of appointments with the nurseries within our group therefore rendering your time more productive.
We utilize the best transportation methods, using trusted associates of long standing. We make the loading operation practical and speedy by grouping all your plant purchases in one pickup location.


We implement calculated research of the various plants based on the best market quality /price value ratio. As intermediary for large quantitive orders we also manage the production contracts.


Thanks to our collaboration with major European partners we organize plant storage facilities in your vacinity. Once you've made your product selection we offer potting service on your authorization.